Onuge’s anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skincare and tightening facial patches infuses with crucial substance with advanced formula and technology, which can empower your daily skincare routine and provide you with better experience with cosmetics.


This facial patches belongs to one of the best product lines from Onuge – Secret Strips. It’s superior quality can boost the ability in anti-aging as well as wrinkle removing. Furthermore, the materials it uses ensure safety when using the product, only beauty will be shown on your face.


Other primary benefits from our Secret Strips series are introduced below:


1) Anti-aging repair through external tissue manipulation.

2) Patented “Matrix Elastic Fibre” structure, composed of liquid microcrystalline gel producing the anti-aging effects.

3) can be used persistently for 24 hours and continue to provide 5% gold moisturizing.

4) do not dry out at room temperature for 5,000 hours and are 100% water-soluble.

5) ergonomic structure of facial muscles and wrinkles areas.